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Driving Business Expansion in the Rushmore Region

Navigating the regulatory landscape can be a daunting task for a business trying to get established in a new area. However, thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers and the Custer Area Economic Development Corporation, the venture was made much easier for a family-owned South Dakota company specializing in long term care services.

A Community Facing Uncertainty

In 2020, a local nursing home in Custer, South Dakota, shut its doors amid a surge in assisted living facility closures throughout the state. Prospects for re-opening the nursing home seemed dim, and those throughout the community were worried about the future availability of senior care for themselves and their families.

A dedicated group of local volunteers formed with the goal of finding a new operator for the facility. During their search, the group located an interested party, Caring Professionals, that was already successfully operating twenty assisted living facilities in eastern South Dakota.

Although it seemed that the problem could be solved, the lengthy, painstaking process of facilitating negotiations between former operator Monument Health, the City of Custer, and Caring Professionals remained.

A Call to Action

Recognizing the need to rally together, the group of volunteers, which included local business owners Mike Tennyson, Janet Boyer, Rick Wheeler, and Monica McGowan, formed a non-profit organization called Custer Cares. The organization then focused their efforts on connecting Custer Mayor Bob Brown with Chad Stroschein, founder and owner of Caring Professionals, to negotiate the details regarding the takeover and reopening of the nursing home. That connection was made when the mayor contacted the President of the Custer Area Economic Development Corporation, Jeff Prior, who made the introduction.

A New Chapter

Today, nearly three years since the closure was announced, The Custer Care and Rehab Center is once again open and ready to provide care and support to those in the community. The center is being operated by Caring Professionals, under the oversight of Custer Cares. One wing of the nursing home has been renovated, staffed, and is already welcoming new residents. Renovations and staff recruitment continue as plans for the facility call for it to eventually accommodate 44 residents.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of those in the community, including the Custer Area Economic Development Corporation, The Custer Care and Rehab Center emerged from closure with a renewed vitality and purpose.

Like other economic development organizations in western South Dakota, The Custer Area Economic Development Corporation plays a pivotal role in attracting and facilitating the establishment of businesses within the town’s boundaries and surrounding areas. Through strategic planning and comprehensive services, the organization acts as a catalyst for economic prosperity, fostering an environment where business thrive and communities flourish.

Business development and growth

To learn more about how you can benefit from a partnership with a local economic development organization and grow your business in South Dakota, contact the Rushmore Region Economic Development Alliance today.