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April 17, 2019

2 BHSU students pitch an idea in class and walk out with start-up cash

2 BHSU students pitch an idea in class and walk out with start-up cash

Reprinted by permission of KOTA-TV 
SPEARFISH | Two Black Hills State University students pitched an idea in their small business management course; and garnered start-up funding.
That infusion of cash helped Carissa Hauck and Bianca Hutzler launch a Spearfish business Feb. 16: Scobi Kombucha.
In a BHSU release about this business, Dr. Jeffrey Wehrung of the School of Business explained that in the course, student groups present ideas to a panel of business experts in hopes of getting a small loan to start that business.
“I have never seen any pitch, student or otherwise, that was better prepared, rehearsed, and professionally presented,” Wehrung said. “By the end of the presentation, our panel committed to providing funding for half the cost to start the business.”
One of the many things that differentiate Scobi Kombucha from other kombucha businesses is that the product is handcrafted.
“Kombucha is a fermented tea that has a sour and sweet taste. It is both healthy and tastes good. It is actually a great alternative to drinking soda all the time,” explained Hauck. “But, what we really want to do in the community is to promote health and make people realize their full potential.
Scobi Kombucha is the only craft kombucha brewery in Spearfish. Hauck and Hutzler use small batch jars before hand-filling the liquid in environmentally-friendly glass bottles.
“It makes a big difference in the taste and the quality. We like to compare our product to good wine,” said Hutzler.
In March, Scobi Kombucha will be available at various locations in Spearfish such as Blackbird Espresso.
For more information about Scobi Kombucha, visit www.scobikombucha.com or their social media accounts.

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