Mount Rushmore
January 20, 2021

Monument Health announces Cancer Care Institute expansion

Each day, more than 160 cancer patients receive care at the Monument Health Cancer Care Institute. From South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming, as well as the Pine Ridge, Cheyenne River and Rosebud reservations, these patients come to Rapid City for the best possible care delivered by our expert physicians and caregivers. The institute hosts more than 40,000 patient visits a year — enough that additional space has become a necessity.

To help expand the fight against cancer, Monument Health has announced plans to double the size of the Cancer Care Institute. “Delivering high-quality care is a Monument Health priority, and our Cancer Care Institute has been an oncology leader for decades,” said Paulette Davidson, President and CEO of Monument Health. “Our patients and our communities deserve quality care in a timely manner. They also deserve privacy, comfort and as much convenience as possible. This expansion project will help us deliver all of these things.”

The Cancer Care Institute will remain at its current location, but architects are designing a two-story facility with ample clinic space and a full range of cancer care services. The $36 million project will improve patient comfort, allow more collaboration among specialists and keep cancer patients closer to home.

The expanded Cancer Care Institute will provide consulting rooms, conference areas and technology to bring experts from a number of medical specialties together to talk in real time about patients' treatment options. At the same time, focus will be placed on making sure patients feel as comfortable as possible. Patient comfort will be key.

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