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October 2, 2018

Posh Office Complex on Tap for Village at Creekside

Posh Office Complex on Tap for Village at Creekside

SPEARFISH — An office building is on the docket to be added to the Village at Creekside multiuse commercial development off of North Avenue and Yukon Place in Spearfish.
In August, the Spearfish Planning Commission recommended approval of the development review district final plan and shared parking plan for the Offices at Creekside, to be located on Lot six of the development, which is 14,291 square feet, or about .3 acres.
Rick Furnish, representing Spearfish Creekside LCC, the development group, addressed the commission, describing that the office building is to be a “beautiful accompaniment to the contemporary farm/ranch theme that we’re creating at the Village at Creekside.”
“It is also a project that will really complement the mixed-use environment of the Village and will create a great synergy between the office suites and the restaurants and the microbrewery and the coffee shop and retail along the creek, while also providing some optimal time parking for the restaurants and brewery and such,” Furnish said. “We received a great deal of requests from those looking for office space and feel this 14,400-square-foot building will really fill the need for quality space in a user-friendly environment.”
The Village at Creekside, the former Meier/Della Vecchia ranch, was annexed into the city in 2009; rezoned from agriculture to development review district in 2016; and has lots ranging in size from .49 acres to 1.53 acres. Approvals have already been provided for a new restaurant, Creekside Bistro, in a proposed 4,200-square-foot building on Lot 1; as well as The Granary District, a two-phase development currently under construction on Lot 2. Copper & Lace Coffee & Contour, an upscale boutique plus coffee shop and Sawyer Brewing are among the tenants in The Granary District.
The site plan for the Offices at Creekside shows one building with a connecting sidewalk to the properties along the creek. Access is from Yukon Place, and a shared parking is proposed for Lots 1, 2, and 6.
“Using this method, and applicant can share parking on adjoining lots as well (as) allow the same parking space to be credited to satisfy two uses,” the staff report for the Aug. 21 meeting, stated. It provides the example that a parking space in the office parking lot could be used during business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., while a restaurant patron going to a business on a different lot could use that parking space after 5 p.m.
One feature of the site plan would be a new feature to Spearfish: Back-in angled parking along Yukon Place. City Planner Jayna Watson explained that this type of parking has been widely used in locations across the U.S. on streets with high traffic volumes.
“Yukon is a very low traffic volume street and offers the city an opportunity to try this method,” the staff report stated. “If there are problems with this method in the future, the applicant will simply reverse the striping direction.”
The parking model is based on a nearly identical street width in Boulder, Colo., on University Avenue, a collector street near Colorado University.
Written by Kaija Swisher and reprinted by permission of the Black Hills Pioneer

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