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July 22, 2016

ShockWiz bicycle tuning assistant to be manufactured in Spearfish

Engineers behind Quarq and RockShox will bring ShockWiz to life. Dusty Dynamics’ Nigel Wade continues to work full-time on the project.

ShockWiz is a tuning assistant for air-sprung mountain bike forks and rear shocks. It combines hardware, software and finely tuned algorithms to improve suspension set-up for different terrain and riding styles. ShockWiz is compatible with most air-sprung suspension forks and rear shocks, from many different manufacturers.

Jim Meyer, founder of Spearfish-based Quarq, saw the potential of ShockWiz early: “ShockWiz combines high-tech mechanical sensing with a smartphone app and automated tuning recommendations. For suspension, there is simply nothing else like it.”

“The intersection of bicycles and technology is nearly infinite, but we really want to make bicycles better to ride,” said Meyer. “We are looking for creations that take away the thinking and leave the thrill. ShockWiz does that.”

404 Kickstarter backers helped make ShockWiz a reality and their pledges will be honored from August in a combined effort from Dusty Dynamics’ Nigel Wade and SRAM.

“Quarq and RockShox are world leaders in bicycle electronics and suspension,” said ShockWiz inventor, Nigel Wade. “With the backing of SRAM I can deliver performance and support that would take Dusty Dynamics many years to match.”

ShockWiz will be manufactured at SRAM’s factory in Spearfish, SD (USA). The factory is ISO 9001-certified and produces Quarq bicycle power meters and data systems. SRAM’s Colorado Springs Development Center, 450 miles away, is home to RockShox, another vital part of the collaboration.

“I have spent time in Spearfish and Colorado Springs, in the R&D labs and on the trails. The wisdom and experience of the SRAM team has been and will continue to be invaluable. Backers will be rewarded with a first-rate tuning system.”

The devices shipped to Kickstarter backers will be badged Quarq – SRAM’s data and digital technology brand – but future commercialization is unknown. “The technology shows great promise and we are excited to explore other applications,” said Meyer.

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