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January 3, 2018

Sturgis and Meade County see growth in 2017

Sturgis and Meade County see growth in 2017

STURGIS | Growth in Sturgis and Meade County in 2017 continued on a steady pace. To date, the City of Sturgis reports 62 new construction permits valued at nearly $11 million. This includes 40 residential and 22 commercial/industrial permits. This will likely be the second highest ever total permit valuation (2016 was higher due in part to Sturgis Regional Hospital’s expansion.)

Sturgis is on track to set a 10-year growth rate of 11.9 percent. Retail growth in Sturgis was exceptional as well, as shown in the chart above (The 2015 spike reflected the 75th Anniversary Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™.)

In Meade County, 2017 construction starts totaled $45,643,755. This is nearly $12 million more than 2016. Meade County’s 5-year 100% tax abatement incentive for new commercial construction continues to help fuel growth. Over $9 million in new assessments was added in 2017; over $6 million came on the 2017 tax rolls from 2012 construction. The County Commissioners re-affirmed use of the discretionary formula in November.

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