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October 2, 2017

Wall launches Wheelin' to Wall event

Wall launches Wheelin' to Wall event

WALL -- What happens when you gather passionate community members, empower that passion and let experiments happen? Innovation, creativity and a lasting community impact. The first annual Wheelin’ to Wall event was a perfect example of a community experiment’s tremendous success.

On Saturday, September 30th, Charon Geigle organized and hosted the first annual Wheelin’ to Wall event. Wheelin’ to Wall offered four cycling distances including: a 100-mile ride, a 38-mile ride, a 25-mile ride and a 10-mile ride through the beautiful Badlands National Park.

Wheelin’ to Wall hosted 34 participants who chose one of the four riding distances. Three participates rode the “Gravel Grinder”, a 100-mile ride. Others rode the Full Forty, the Twenty Something and the Triumphant 10. The oldest participant was 80 years old and the youngest was 10 years old, Participants came from Sturgis, Pierre, Rapid City, Dupree, Woonsocket, Letcher, Mitchell, Lead, Wall, Gillette, Sioux Falls and Hot Springs.

“When you are biking you see so much more and so much more detail. That’s why I like biking.” said Ian Estes of Rapid City. Ian was a Wheelin’ to Wall participant and is the owner of Black Hills Bicycles in Rapid City.

The Wheelin’ to Wall ride grew from the community collaboration project, Marketing Hometown America. 

The walk-ability and bike-ability of the Wall community was a top theme among Marketing Hometown America participants. The overall goal of Wheelin’ to Wall was to create an event that will raise funds to improve the infrastructure and safety for walking and biking in Wall. Charon donated $500 to the City of Wall to be used for said improvements. Charon, the Wall Chamber and Wall Economic Development plan to gather community members to discuss what project to move forward with first to improve the walkability and bike-ability of Wall. Charon plans to continue Wheelin’ to Wall for years to come.

“We’ve designed so much for automobiles, but when we start to slow down by biking and walking, we take a different kind of time for ourselves to connect with people,” Geigle said. “That’s why this is important. It’s another way to experience and connect to your community and other people. Wheelin’ to Wall participants now have another connection to Wall.”

To learn more about Wheelin’ to Wall visit www.WheelintoWall.com. For questions, call the Wall Chamber of Commerce at 605-279-2665 or Charon Geigle at 605-685-3882.

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