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Primary Manufacturing

The business-friendly environment and tax-friendly policies of the Rushmore Region make this area a magnet for primary manufacturing companies. Our skilled workforce and excellent workforce development programs ensure that you have the right employees to do the job well.

The primary manufacturing industry in the Rushmore Region is represented by:

  • Metal based machining and manufacturing
  • Motor vehicle parts
  • Ammunition
  • Firearms
  • Machinery
  • Equipment and other precision metalwork manufacturing

Primary manufacturing in the Rushmore Region:

  • For the year 2016, the Black Hills region had 233 manufacturing businesses with 3,527 employees, which equaled 4.2 percent of the region’s workforce
  • Manufacturing jobs had a total annual payroll of $146.8 million, with an average annual wage of $41,611, 10% higher than the regional average for all industries
  • The majority of these full-time jobs also provided health insurance benefits
  • The largest number of manufacturing jobs in the Black Hills region is related to Construction, Agriculture, Advertising, and Metal Fabrication (including firearms and gold)

Our Partners

  • Box Elder Area Chamber of Commerce


  • Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce


  • Lead Chamber of Commerce


  • New Underwood


  • Spearfish Economic Development Corporation


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