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Small Scale Food & Beverage Manufacturing

The pioneer spirit of the West has always been alive and well in the Rushmore Region, and is ever present in our small-scale food and beverage manufacturing industry. People come to the area to carve out their own vision and create products that unique, custom and hand-crafted

The small-scale food and beverage manufacturing industry in the Rushmore Region is represented by:

  • Non-alcoholic beverage manufacturing
  • Wineries
  • Breweries
  • Food product manufacturing and/or packaging
  • Testing
  • Ingredients
  • Wholesaling

Small scale food & beverage manufacturing in the Rushmore Region:

  • Food and beverage was the 5th top sector for growing higher paying jobs
    136 new jobs with $53,700/year average earnings
    Total of $7.1 million new earning impact on the regional economy
  • Food manufacturing has a high jobs multiplier
    One new job can spur 3.5 additional jobs in other sectors

Sectors growing, high earning food processing industries in the Rushmore Region include:

  • Tortilla manufacturing added 23 jobs for $1.1 M impact
  • Breweries added 18 jobs with $3.6 M impact
  • Beer and ale merchant wholesales added 16 jobs for $0.9 M impact
  • Wineries added 30 jobs with $0.9 M impact
  • Wine and distilled alcoholic beverage merchant wholesalers added 5 jobs for $0.2 M impact
  • Animal (e.g. poultry) slaughtering added 49 jobs for $1.7 M impact
  • Meat processed from carcasses added 21 jobs for $0.8 M impact

Other sectors with strength in the Rushmore Region include:

  • Soft drink manufacturing
  • Livestock merchant wholesalers
  • Farm supplies merchant wholesalers and soil prep
  • Planting
  • Cultivating

Our Partners

  • Edgemont


  • Deadwood Lead Economic Development


  • Rapid City Economic Development


  • Belle Fourche Economic Development


  • Lead Chamber of Commerce


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