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Workforce Development

Employee Training and Development Options

Industries can work with the following higher education institutions to develop customized training programs:

In addition, customized job training is offered at the Career Learning Center. The South Dakota Workforce Development Program extends training opportunities in conjunction with approved educational institutions. Moreover, new employee skills, retraining, and advancement/promotion assistance is offered as well.

On a state level, companies have access to funds to help train new and existing employees. The Governor's Office of Economic Development will provide technical assistance to help develop the Workforce Development Program application. Technical assistance is provided to help identify approaches and ideas necessary to develop a successful project.

The Dakota Seeds program provides internships and assistantships to college students and helps fill temporary workforce needs, while establishing a pipeline for permanent employees. Internships are opportunities for undergraduate students while assistantships are directed toward graduate students. For more information, visit the Dakota Seeds website.

Additionally, the Workforce Development Council (WDC) oversees implementation of workforce training programs in South Dakota funded by the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).

As workforce experts, the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation offers a vast variety of training and education programs to help ensure employers have the skilled workforce needed, and to help individuals realize their potential as employees.

The Department of Labor and Regulation will adapt and customize its education and job training programs to meet the needs of participants and the changing demands of employers.

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