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An Old City With a New Future

PiedmontAlong Interstate 90, between Rapid City and Sturgis, Piedmont is nestled against the eastern slope of the Black Hills. Although Piedmont did not officially become a municipality until August 2007, it was founded in 1890 and the area been inhabited since the mid-1870s.

This particular area of Rushmore Region is referred to as the Red Valley because of the rock layer that circles the Black Hills. This valley is full of red shale with beds of gypsum.

Many of the 222 Piedmont residents venture to nearby Rapid City or Sturgis for employment and entertainment. Among the larger Piedmont's businesses are:

  • Mountain West Products turns bark from area sawmills into retail landscape products.
  • High Plains Genetics provides genetic material to livestock providers
  • GenPro Energy Solutions is a North American distributor of green energy products.

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