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Deadwood in Winter - Photo by SD Tourism Deadwood in Winter - Photo by SD Tourism

Cost of Living

Competitive Cost of Living

The Rushmore Region is a more affordable option over larger cities such as Denver and Minneapolis, and much more stable than the rising oil boomtowns in the area. The region offers all of the amenities of larger cities, but at a much more palatable cost.

Use the Real Wage Calculator to find out after taxes, how much of your income do you take home? How much can you buy with your hard earned wages? The bottom line is location matters. And we can prove it.

Cost of Living

  Rapid City, SD United States
Overall 101 100
Food 107.6 100
Utilities 85 100
Miscellaneous 111 100

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  • Heart of the Hills Economic Development


  • Black Hills Council of Local Governments


  • Sturgis Chamber of Commerce


  • Small Business Development Center


  • Deadwood Lead Economic Development


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